Monday, June 25, 2012

a day in the life

Last Friday I had a busy day and because this blog is all about me, I have decided to write it up for you.

5:05 - wake up, coffee, drive to pool
5:40 - set up knockoff TRX straps for core work for Masters
6-7:00 - coach Masters
7-7:30 - coach individual / technique lesson
7:40-8:10 - shovel breakfast in mouth at local eatery
8:10-8:25 - drive to downtown Raleigh to coach HS runners
8:30-9:30 - coach HS XC team (run 3 miles easy for me)
9:30-10 - drive to West Cary
10:05-11:40 - lead group ride with intervals (28 miles)
11:40-12:20 - drive to Chapel Hill for swim with athlete
12:30 - 1:15 - swim 2,000yds with athlete / discuss race strategy
1:15 - slide down fun-kiddie-slide
1:30 - drive home; shovel sandwich purchased at breakfast in mouth
2:00-2:30 - answer emails
2:30-4:00 - fall into a deep dreamless slumber
4:00-4:15 - make coffee, grunt greetings at wife
4:15-5:45 - answer emails / feedback / plan adjustments
5:45 - off to dinner/fun time

The Wednesday prior I had a similarly busy day, which was preceded by our boy waking up early.  Apparently I told everyone I met that morning what time I had been up since (he did not go back to sleep until just before I left to swim at 525).  One of my athletes wrote up this, from the Book of Logan, verse 3:52 (am):
Logan 3:52 (am) -
Arise! Arise, parental unit, Arise!
Thou art the beacon of light for feeding,
teething, and changing late into the night.
'Tis the noble man who bears the heavy load
of a full diaper upon thy shoulders, who warms a bottle
with eyes closed, and who entertains until sleep befalls the
little one just minutes prior to your morning alarm.
Thou shall bear this responsiblity for 2? Nay! 4? NAY! 18 Years!
Sleep is but a fleeting memory for thee.
Power naps and coffee are now your elixir of life!
Arise, parental unit, Arise!

On Sunday we went to cheer Bri on at the Smile Train sprint triathlon.  She had another great race and finished 1st female, top ten overall.  Here she is approaching the finish. 

Bri rocks!  I have a lot of fun watching her and everyone else race.  I did not miss racing the event at all.  I guess that means I have perspective.  Or am lazy.  They amount to the same thing.

Monday, June 18, 2012

May-June 2012 updates!

Hard to believe it has been almost a month since my last blog post, but the time does fly by.  Where to begin...

The end of May saw Bri racing and boyo and I cheering at the Doughman Eatathon.  This is a silly run-eat event that raises money for kids to learn to grow organic foods or something like that.  Bri's All-Girls relay had bike issues and was relegated to sixth place out of 80 when they really should be more like 2nd or 3rd.  It is a fun goofy event, but it also ties up our Memorial Day weekend so, uhm, yeah, maybe we can skip it next year.

Early June saw us at Summer Boone Camp.  Pictures.  Fun times.  I will have to write up a separate post on this.

This week was something else.  I came home exhausted from Boone camp on Sunday.  My Mom flew in on Monday to visit with us and boyo and help us out for the week.  We had Old School Aquathon #2 on Wednesday and the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge on Sunday.  A good bit of time goes into the organization of the events and the events themselves take 4+ hours to set up, run, and clean up after.

I also have several athletes headed out to IM CDA this weekend, and started up with 2 new athletes this week.  All in all, I worked from sunrise to past sunset almost every day.  Managed to wrap everything up by Sunday at 415PM.  Just in time to start Monday.

In other news, I signed up at the last minute for the 3 Little Pigs triathlon, which was held Saturday June 16.  I had a foot injury a couple months ago and have been getting back to it slowly.  The plan was to go as hard as possible in the swim and bike, then controlled fast on the run and see how the foot held up.  It held up great!  I was able to go fairly hard and finished the run at just over 7 minute pace.  This combined with a good swim-bike was enough to take 3rd overall.  The race venue is a good one, nice mostly flat ride and pleasant run course on some greenways.  The Smithfield Aquatic Center is nice as well though I'm not the biggest fan of pool swims. Overall awards are wolves (the age group awards are pigs).

You can see results here.

Here are a couple pics:

On Sunday I snuck into the Jordan Lake Challenge swim and felt good as well, taking 3rd in the men's division (6th overall).   I was really happy to do this, because as the host/RD of the swim it is very difficult to get everything covered in time to actually swim with the racers.  Most races I am out on a paddleboard, but this time we had two OSB volunteers capable of taking that task, which allowed me to jump in.

Thanks to everyone that helps us out at these and our partners at FS Series!

All in all, it was a busy multisport-lifestyle week.  Most of them are not this jammed and I am looking forward to decompressing slightly for the next few.

Other events this week:  Our son had his half-year birthday!  We rented clowns and a dance troupe to entertain him. Justin Bieber and Maria Carey sang a duet. Nothing but the best for our boy!

We also celebrated our first Father's day together.  Here we are in almost matching outfits. 

He is a happy kid.  Life is good!