Monday, August 22, 2016

August 2016 update

In the midst of personal Ironman training and the height of the triathlon season, this blog has been poorly maintained. I am sorry not sorry about that. Will work to rectify with more blather after the race is complete.

So, what is new?

I did the Lake Logan Half.

It was a sunny and cloudless day,
that swept in for the Lake Logan half.
Lots of folks came out to play,
But many felt humidity's wrath.
I splished and splooshed upon the swim,
And held good pace upon the bike,
But the run was not mine to win,
Though a winning medal I do would like.
And so I finished, sweaty and tired,
Pleased in my attempt to soar,
Grasping many cups of fluid,
Onto my head these I did poar.
The race was finished; I was done,
And maybe yon I'll do another one.

We had a fun time with some baseball in Asheville that night, and a visit to the local velodrome / track the day after.

The week after we raced in the Rex Wellness Wakefield sprint tri.  Bri won and I was 4th. This was shorter and so is the poem.

A super sprint is really fun
just an hour and you're done
really sweaty and really hot
And a sprint can hurt a lot.

Yar yar yar.

A couple more long rides and another 15-16 mile long run and it's taper time.

In other news, our Lightning Squad youth triathlon team is wrapping up at the Tar Heel Youth Triathlon this Sunday, August 28.  It has been fun working with the kids and we'll run both a spring and summer/fall program next year.

Junior Awesome continues to improve his aquatic skills and has been doing great in both soccer and hockey. Bri is being super mom getting him to virtually all these practices while I either get my long training in or catch up on work.