Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mission Man Triathlon, new race gear, + random thoughts

We've had a lot going on the last couple of months and writing a blog about it has not been the top of my thought list.  Bri wrote up a nice summary a couple of days ago so I'll just skip ahead to some of the more recent stuff.

We had a nice family vacation in New Jersey with my sis, her hub and kids, and his siblings and their kiddos.  Between the families there were 7 kids under 10 running around together for a few days. Logan has a blast mimicking the other kids and they were pretty tolerant of him, all things considered.  He's the youngest by a couple years.

I took him to visit with a long time athlete of mine in the DC area while Bri stayed home to make some dough.  Her husband then ventured into town with us to see the Smithsonian Natural history museum and the DINOSAURS.  We love dinosaurs around here. We love cars more though.

After that we made the drive from DC to Ocean City NJ.  It could be a ~4hr drive if traffic is not out of control, but we had some typical beltline DC traffic and then hit a 2 lane accident on I-95 15 miles south of Baltimore.  Instead of getting to the OC boardwalk at 630, we rolled up at about 830 after checking into our hotel and all that.  830 is Junior Awesome's bedtime but I had talked up the amusements and we were both looking forward to it.  We rode race cars and super swings until about 1015, when we both pee'd our pants and had to go home.

The following morning we visited the beach and had some fun playing in the surf for a couple hours, grabbed some lunch on the boardwalk, and then packed up and made the drive to Avon-by-the-Sea for our family reunion.  Bri flew in the following day.

We had a lot of fun with the gang, read Bri's blog for more.

I swam in the Ocean City Masters Swim that Saturday, and finished 23rd out of a couple hundred.  It was good to see a few of my old work buddies from the Ocean City Beach Patrol and take a quick stroll down memory lane.  Ocean City still feels a bit like a second home though I don't get to spend much time there these days.

We had more fun with the family.

The drive back was a bit more peaceful as we took the Cape May Lewes Ferry and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, to overnight in VA Beach.

This weekend Bri raced the Washington Sprint triathlon and I had a sitter come over to watch Junior while I did a quick trip to the Mission Man Triathlon.  My old Renn disc wheel has been having issues so I had ordered a Mavic Cosmic Elite + a Wheelbuilder Aerojacket to get close to a disc at less cost.  It seemed to work well.  I had a good swim coming in 2nd, then led the bike for 12 miles, came in 2nd off the bike, and finished 4th or 5th overall (I think).  Felt pretty good despite a bit of a cold going around the house.

Just a couple weeks until the Lake Logan Half so I am looking forward to a couple more long rides and runs, racing, and then getting back into the HS cross country season.

Pictures and links forthcoming when I can be bothered.

Peace out.