Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Had a fun Memorial Day weekend.  Competed in the Doughman Quadrathalon.  Had a party for Bri's birthday weekend.  Hung out at the pool on the holiday.  Accomplished very little constructive.  Read part of a book.  Watched some TV.  Visited the Aviator Brewery.  Did a bike ride.  Ran a 5k on Thursday night. Hosting the Old School Aquathon Series tomorrow night.  That is all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Battle at Buckhorn 2011

I enjoy the Battle at Buckhorn sprint triathlon since it is close to home and has a longer swim than usual.  I found myself winning the first year event in 2009, and have gone back to defend the title since then.  I target the race as one of my more important ones for the season just to keep it interesting. 

Fortunately I felt good and was able to defend for the third time, getting away to a good lead on the swim and bike and holding it on the run.

I'll be back next year as well.

It was a really busy weekend.  On Friday I spent the day in Greensboro at the NCHSAA 1A State track and field championship supporting 3 of my high school athletes as they wrapped up their seasons.

On Saturday we did the triathlon in the morning and then ran a Beginner swim clinic in the afternoon.

On Sunday we hosted the 3rd annual 5280 Swim at Falls Lake.  We had our highest turnout yet for this race and I was able to participate myself (unofficially).  Everything went smoothly and the swimmers enjoyed the race.  I spent the rest of Sunday catching up on training plans and still managed a quick visit to the Flying Saucer in downtown Raleigh.

Bri is a trooper, she works all week then slaves around with me all weekend.  Kudos to her for putting up with me.

I would put up pictures but don't have any.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Intro to Triathlon web lecture

I gave a presentation at Cisco yesterday, it's about 1 hour long and they have it posted online.

Introduction to Triathlon lecture

Beginner to intermediate level.  The first few slides did not come through but the audio is fine.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

White Lake Half (duathlon) report

 Marty warming up for the bike

Morning Fog.  No swim.  Bah.

Bike.  Went OK.  Faded towards end. Had trouble finding a rhythm with the concrete joint bumps in the last 10 miles.  2:23.  Should ride more/harder/both.

 Marty searching for his Zen after the ride (my balls actually hurt)

Run.  Tight back.  Decent first half focusing on leg turnover, survived 2nd half, 1:37.55.

 Marty surviving the 2nd half

Right on about what I predicted time wise 4:04.28 (+ 25/26 minute swim) = 4:30ish so that is great.  My season plan is to go 5 minutes faster at B2B in October so that makes about 4:25 (all things being equal). 

Performance wise I'm happy with the race.

Felt 10% under-trained or they should make these halfs 10% shorter. How about just 1-50-10 and we call it the 61 Point Zero Series For Old People or some other nonsense.

Sore and tired today.

Next up: Battle at Buckhorn Sprint!

The end.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly update

I spent most of yesterday at the Carolina 10 track and field conference championship meet in Pittsboro.  Today I am happy to have nothing to do except sit at my computer and do computer-coaching-work.  It was sort of an exhausting day.  The spring season has been demanding but we are winding that down.  A lot of my runners had great races and set PRs which is always good to be part of.  Next up is the 1A Regional Champ meet on May 14.

This Saturday I'm racing the White Lake Half.  Temperatures & conditions are going to be pleasant which is great, one less thing to worry about.

You can livetrack my race here if you are interested.  Bib number 8.

I am shooting for 4:30 +/- 5 minutes depending on how the day goes. Something like 26 swim, 2:25 bike, 1:35 run.  The best day possible would be 25 swim, 2:20 bike, 1:30 run.

Bri and I will host a sprint strategy clinic Saturday at 5pm at the FAA Center @ White Lake if you are in the area.

That is all.  Have a nice weekend.