Friday, December 16, 2016

Chatham Reindeer Run 5k in Pittsboro

We have enrolled several of our athletes/friends/training buddies in the Chatham County Reindeer Run 5k in Pittsboro, NC for the past four seasons.  They have a team division with a slightly discounted entry fee and we get to have some team fun with the race. In 2015 we finished 2nd, and this year we finished 3rd. The top 3 times from your team count towards the team score. I haven't always been a scoring participant but was this season with a sub 21 5k.  I'll take it!

I overslept so instead of leaving my house at 650, I woke up then. Scrambled to get my outfit on while the coffee brewed, skipped breakfast and was out the door by 708.  I got there at 742, plenty of time for an 8 oclock start.  Got my stuff and headed out for a short warm up jog. As far as performance goes, doing a 9 minute warm up + 15 jumping jacks is not going to cut it. But, I made it.

The course is twisty, turny, and a bit hilly. It's not a fast course. It's a slow course. It's a slow course for slow people. And usually cold. The temps were in the low 30s for 2016. Fingers went a little bit numb. Mile splits about 6:30, 6:50, 6:15. Hilly in the middle.

Afterwards we headed to our buddies house nearby for a yummy french toast breakfast.  Good times.

I've been getting in about 20 miles a week and plan to bump up to the 25-30 mile range in Jan, 35-40 in Feb and then taper off for a shot at sub 1:30 half at Quintiles half-marathon in Wrightsville Beach. Haven't broken that barrier in several years.

The end.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Run at the Rock 7 miler

If you enjoy trail running, you should put the Run at the Rock at CedarRock Park in Burlington, NC on your list.

It is a pleasant, somewhat challenging trail race with 7 mile and 14 mile options. My Garmin has it at 6.5 miles which is probably closer to accurate.

The start. Duh.

Last year I opted to run very easy as I was getting over a calf strain.

 Me running sort of fast

Bri didn't try to beat me this time.

This year I was closer to 100% healthy so gave it a good effort. With about 200 people on the start line (combined race start), I lined up close to the front and pushed it from the gun. Entered the woods in 8th place or so. I eventually passed a couple people and then found myself running in the 4th or 5th position with a couple guys pacing with me.

Up a hill.

We had matching FS Series arm warmers on.

We had a nice chat and kept the pace going. They passed me in a long straightaway around the 5.5 mark, and I came across with a 4th place overall for the 7 mile.  My watch had me at 7:32 pace. Yay.

Check out the wiggle waggle form.

Bri has been dealing with a sore back but managed to come in 3rd place in her age group for the 7 miler as well.

Not a wiggle waggler.

Next up is the Chatham Pittsboro 5k Reindeer run tomorrow morning. We usually have a decent team in attendance and gather for a yummy breakfast at nearby bud's house after.

This is all so I can tell you something without months going by.

Happy Merry Christmas!