Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Where have we been?

Keeping up with the blog has unfortunately fallen pretty far down on my list of things to do these days. Life is moving lickety split and Junior Awesome continues to be a whirlwind of joy.  Bri is doing well with all her Bri-like things, and I am chugging along with training, coaching, and managing the camps and clinics we host.

But we did add a new member to the family: Penny the Puppy!

She's not so much of a puppy now, approaching 7 months old. But she is also a lot of fun.

Penny has her own personality.  Penny likes to play. Penny will bark at you if you don't want to play. Penny if super fluffy!

Here are pictures of Penny, Junior, Bri, and myself, in no chronological order.

OSB Hockey night out

 Company Mill hike

 My babies

 We played Bball

 We pose nicely

 We steal underwear

We skateboard

 Family hike

Family fun

It snowed

Snow day

Family xmas card

Sad puppy



Orange belt success

Someone turned 7. Lots of them but this one was Junior's Bday

More park time with the Y Guides

Having some teeth issues

Y guides camping trip

Funny hair day


Philips Farm

Going for a walk is a battle

Running fun

Some sort of stretch-up

Photo bombed at state fair

State fair

Little Puppy

Family bike ride

Super storm whirlpool

First meetings

Home at last





Whos a cute puppy whos is yous is

FSU gameday fun

Run run run

Some race somewhere

We have been having good times. Lots of fun days and we all get along 94% of the time. Thankful for our friends and family!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer is here

Well hello there stranger. I am writing this on my phone as we're always on the go go go. As evidenced by my lack of updates around here. Let's see what had been going on.

Time to dive into summer

Junior Awesome is nearly done (is done) with kindergarten.  He has been doing well. Apparently we need to work on his reading ability. In Spanish.

We went to a build a rocket class with the Town of Cary. That was fun.

Bri did an Ironman in Texas. She did good. That was fun.

The teachers demanded better pay so we went fishing. That was fun!

I did a couple sprint triathlons. I got 2nd at one and 3rd at the other. That was fun. 

My training bounces around in the 7 to 11 hour range. That would be a good name for a store. That pun was fun.

Junior did a kids racing series again. He did good. That was fun.

                                                                     Total false start on orange-y here |

We went to the beach to run a mini training camp in April. Bri and the gang trained and I played with junior. We did good. That was fun.

Summer is here. I am done doing longer hot and humid races. I really cannot breathe and start to die. I'll do the 2 local events that have 10 mile bikes and 2 mile runs.  Saving the longer stuff for the fall.

Righto. That's it. Holler.