Wednesday, March 29, 2023

OMG I'm still here

Heeeeeyyyeee. How you doin? It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. Not that nothing has been going on, but more in the vein of I didn't have much to share. 

Life has been good, we've gone some places and done some things. Our son Junior Awesome continues to grow like a tree/weed/appropriate growth metaphor. Our dog Penny Awesome is still super cute and loves to wiggle while she growls and chases the ball. Yadda yadda.
Bri and I closed out last season with SwimRun NC in late October of 2022. This is a race where you run then swim then run then repeat a few more times. We went into it undertrained and suffered the consequences. It was still a fun, team building exercise though.  Here are a couple pictures.

In early February of this year 2023, we ventured down to Tallahassee, FL to meet up with a good friend of Bri's and run the Tallahassee half-marathon. We were better trained for this and it went well. We all ran together for about 11 miles until I put the hammer down in order to show my wife who's the boss.
Here are pictures.

Junior Awesome continues to be fun. He has gotten into soccer. Alas, he was not really into swimming so will just be doing summer league swim team for the foreseeable future. He does lots of rides, hikes, and runs with us. Here are pictures in no particular order.

Next up for me is the Beaverdam sprint triathlon at Falls Lake followed by the Crystal Coast Half-Booty triathlon in Beaufort, NC. Fitness is fair to adequate. I've mostly given up road riding so all the miles are on an indoor trainer or on greenways. 

That is all. Hope you are well. 

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