Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holy Pumpkin Patch Batman!

We have many fun things going on since we last chatted. 

My dad came up and we spent a morning fishing just off shore in Wrightsville Beach.  The mackerel were running and we caught a number of Spanish mackerel and a few others.  I hooked a king but it chomped through the line.

 My old man and the sea

 Not bad

False albacore

Un beun dia

I can cook.

I participated in the Swim the Loop 3.5 mile swim at Wrightsville Beach.  This was another beautiful day and is a really fun event if you like swimming in salt water and all that.  In the preceding weeks I upped my swim workouts to 3x a week and got in a handful of 4,000-4,500 yard workouts.  This extreme devotion to hard work (it's all relative) paid off and I finished 5th overall in the race.   This is not bad and I was happy.  I was also 5th in 2013.  I only have a couple pictures, since swimming with a phone or camera is really not all that easy to do.  I suppose I could bring an underwater disposable type next time and document this journey a bit better next year.  Yes, plan on that. 

 The start.

The pre-race carb loading secret watering hole.

The first leg of the swim.

I was tired for a couple days after but feel fine now.  The next amazing event I'll participate in is the Apex Turkey Trot 5k, where I shall push his majesty Junior Awesome.  A few days after that I'll run in the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon, where I would like to break 1:37.  We shall see.

Then we went to many pumpkin patches.  And dancing with The Wiggles. And had friends in town.

 Magic time

You Just Point Your Finger And Do The Twist.
 Feeding the goats

 Jumpy jumpy

 The bike tractor!

 No pictures Mommy

 OK this popsicle made me happy and I will smile for you now OK

 Riding the home made traincardozer

 Running down a hill at full speed is awesome

 Where my friends Mommy?

 Pumpkin patch #2

 Los Amigos!

Havin' some real cotton pickin fun

That's all I got for you.