Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another month zipped by!

Time is whipping by!

My marathon training is the most exciting thing going on, other than chasing around my 2 year old, the new English Pub Brewery that just opened down the street, or the various Polar vortexes that turned our fair land into a white desert over the past few weeks. 

Last week I managed to log 8 hours or thereabouts of run training, which is almost 50 miles.  I haven't run that far in several years.  It went well and I am feeling pretty fit.  I'm running the Instant Classic Trail Marathon on March 15 outside of Richmond, VA.  No real time goals other than to run steady and have a nice day.

Swim and bike training has been cruising along but nothing eventful in those categories.  Did some intervals with our group yesterday and am feeling the efforts today.

We're headed to FL for a few days for our annual training camp on the West Coast of FL.  This will be a high volume week and I expect to be pretty zonked at the end.  It is always fun and we have rented a beautiful house on the beach.

In Junior Awesome news, we just finished a 6-week course of pool/swim training classes every Sunday afternoon.  He did not like the structured learning and totally failed.  Here he is, refusing to take part in silly games with the other nice children.

Here are a few more pics of him being a 2 year old.

 Guys night out- sponsored by PBR

 A special gift from Momma Barr - he loves Matchbox cars

 Reading at night-night

The world's first certified snow alien

Junior attends a Spanish Immersion daycare and is picking it up quite nicely.  I am doing my best to keep up with Rosetta Stone courses. 

Bri has been doing well keeping up with running and other things, you can read her latest and greatest here.

On the work front, we're gearing up for another busy year of camps, clinics, and coaching.  We held a beginner swim clinic a couple weekends ago and had a good turnout.  You can read about the rest of our 2014 swim clinics here.

Have a nice day!