Wednesday, February 16, 2011

updated race plans

I am sure you were just dying to know:

Feb 27 - Gasparilla half marathon (gonna be slow and painful after a full week of training camp)
March 5 - Cary 10k
March 12 - Azalea sprint triathlon (Saturday) - I decided to get the lead out
March 20 - Tobacco Road Marathon
April 23 - Tri Orthopedic sprint at NC State Centennial campus
May 7 - White Lake Half
May 21 - Battle at Buckhorn

The rest of the summer is up in the air.  My big race for the spring is Battle at Buckhorn where I am the 2x defending champion.  Bring your A game if you want that belt buckle!

Bri and I are looking forward to our 7th annual winter training camp, starting next Tuesday and running through next Sunday.  There are a couple spots remaining if you want to log some mileage!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

upcoming events

One Step Beyond has a number of events and clinics coming up if you are looking for instruction.

February 13 - Winter Multisport Clinic at Human Performance Consulting Lab - Marty

February 17 - Trysports Triathlon clinic for Beginners: Basics - both of us - FREE clinic

Feb 22-27: One Step Beyond Winter Training Camp - both of us

March 13 - Trysports Beginner Swim clinic hosted by One Step Beyond - both of us

March 17 - Trysports Triathlon Clinic: Season Planning - Bri - FREE clinic

April 16 - Powerstroke® Freestyle Technique Clinic - both of us

April 24 - Delta Triathlon Team swim clinic - members only 2-4pm at TAC - Marty and Bri

April 30 - Open Water swim clinic at Jordan Lake - both of us

Please visit the links if you want more information.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Barefoot/minimal running BS

I got an email from somewhere advocating five reasons to run in a barefoot style foot contraption (I can't bring myself to call it a shoe or foot glove).  Here are five reasons not to:

You are chubby
You run on pavement and asphalt from your house
You run on singletrack or off-road
You pronate or supinate
You over-stride
You did not grow up running barefoot to get to school or away from hungry lions and blood-drinking llamas

That is really six reasons but you can combine two or three of them into one super-reason.

Professionally I see way more runners becoming injured running in these things than those getting some sort of benefit. The injured ones then frequently blame the injury on something not the fault of the shoe.  Don't believe the hype.  If you want to run barefoot do it for short distances on the beach or soft soccer field.  Leave the rest to people who are shaped much differently than 80% of you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Bri sent this to me because it made her think of the conversation we had this morning.

Isn't she sweet?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Short ski trip weekend

We had a nice mini-vacation with a couple of our friends over in the Maggie Valley / Waynesville area of North Carolina.  We arrived on Thursday night and chillaxed.  On Friday we did a short swim at the Maggie Valley Fitness Center, which is nice, then lunch, then a good run.  Bri ran 45 minutes or so while I looped around a mountainous road for 12 miles. 

On Saturday we went skiing at Cataloochee ski area.  This was small but fun and great for a short ski trip.  Then we had dinner at Nick and Nate's in Waynesville.  Good beer and pizza.

On Sunday we ran a couple laps around Lake Junaluska then went to the Pancake House for breakfast.

Here are pictures.

 Bri and Tassie rocking the mountains

 Cresting a particularly nasty climb

 Scenic turn in the road

 Jonathan Creek

 Cuddle time with Tassie