Thursday, February 10, 2011

upcoming events

One Step Beyond has a number of events and clinics coming up if you are looking for instruction.

February 13 - Winter Multisport Clinic at Human Performance Consulting Lab - Marty

February 17 - Trysports Triathlon clinic for Beginners: Basics - both of us - FREE clinic

Feb 22-27: One Step Beyond Winter Training Camp - both of us

March 13 - Trysports Beginner Swim clinic hosted by One Step Beyond - both of us

March 17 - Trysports Triathlon Clinic: Season Planning - Bri - FREE clinic

April 16 - Powerstroke® Freestyle Technique Clinic - both of us

April 24 - Delta Triathlon Team swim clinic - members only 2-4pm at TAC - Marty and Bri

April 30 - Open Water swim clinic at Jordan Lake - both of us

Please visit the links if you want more information.

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