Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Time time time

It's April! No wait, it's May!  It's go time! Winter is gone spring is here no wait summer is just around the corner. Take a deep breath smell the flowers the flowers are gone!

It is flying by. Getting faster, even. I do what I can to soak it all in. My goal is to keep up with one blog post a month but even that can be difficult. Anyway. Life is good, training is going well, fun with Junior Awesome continues to be mostly fun with just a wee bit of lad-itude thrown in there.  Our first triathlon of the season is this Saturday with the Inside Out Sports Beaverdam olympic distance tri. I hope to feel good. If I can feel not tired (from lack of sleep) I'll be happy.

Pictures of the past few weeks, in mildly random order:

Easter Egg hunting day! 
 Some time preparing for American Ninja Warrior

 Junior Awesome and I planted daffodil bulbs in late winter - they actually grew!

 Our first Lego set

 It's Baseball season! I mean, cotton candy season!


 Triple brick teamwork

 The triple crew

Springtime kids Healthy Running series - 50yd dash

 Glennie's birthday bash

 Junior Awesome in the driver's seat

 Go mommy! Bri runs the Tobacco half

 Birthday pinata

 Spring cookout

Serene moment on the Neuse river trail
Rockin out!