Tuesday, March 26, 2013

boys weekend

Last weekend Bri caught the lunchtime train to Charlotte on Saturday for an evening with her girlfriends.  That meant Junior and I had the house to ourselves!  He is 15+ months now and can be a lot of fun.  There is still work involved as all you parents know, but apparently this age is great.  I will report on the terrible twos when we get there.

Bri asked me to send her lots of pictures, so here they are for you to also enjoy.

We started our adventure with a 40 minute run.  Not pictured but use your imagination.

Then we took a 2 hour nap.  Also, not pictured.

Then we wondered where our Momma went.  This picture is not actually from the weekend but just a couple days prior.  I am using creative license here people.

We are always guarded by the Loyal Tassie

After that we had a snack (not pictured).  Then we played with pots and pans.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

Then we tackled Daddy for the phone. 

 literally, a "snot nosed kid"

Then we went to the playground to burn off some more energy.

I used a tunnel like this to get out of Folsom State

 After that, it was dinner time at Ruckus Pizza!  Ruckus sells giant slices for $3.00 and they have a selection of fine quality ales.  It is a good deal.

 Picasso schmicasso

Then it was home for a bath.
 Nothing gets by Tassie

Oh no, a Code Brown!
 Re: chunks of poo. They did not tell me this in Parenting 101

After the Decontamination Squad helicoptered out, we successfully completed Mission: Bathtime.
I edited out his winkie

Then it was time for a story and go beddy by.

Did I every tell you the one about sophomore year at FSU?

About 12 hours later, we started again!  Nothing like some morning grub!

Not actual grubs

Then, we changed into our Superhero outfits and played some more.

 Does whatever a spider-baby can

 Walk softly and carry a big-ass stick yo

Our newest game: boat pillow jump

After this we had lunch and took another nap (not pictured).
Then we heard the 3:00 train sounding the horn! The tracks are not too far from our house so we really could hear the train that Bri came home on.

Then Mommy was home. I forgot to take a picture here but there was much joy, hand clapping, foot stomping, elated high pitched sounds, and smiling.  Junior was also happy to see her.

Also, on Saturday morning we did a super sprint triathlon. Bri beat me by two seconds.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Running a half-marathon with Junior

Over the weekend I took Junior to Umstead State Park to do a long run.  The original plan was to head out to watch the Tobacco road marathon / half-marathon, but we decided to let our toddler sleep in instead. I had given thought to running the half-marathon but decided against it since I wouldn't be setting any records and we can use the $ for diapers and day care these days.

We headed into the park and after a couple miles I felt decent.  Pushing the stroller is something you get used to.  It's not particularly hard but you have to let go of any illusion of running quickly. Boyo seems to enjoy it as he either just checks out the scenery or naps.  He has been running with us since three months old.

The park has about 20 miles of bridle trail & 10 miles of singletrack within and several options to make different courses.  I was planning to do an out and back on the flatter section of bridle trail, but then was struck with inspiration and decided to do the Turkey Creek loop.  This is a very hilly bridle trail section of the park and from where I started would turn the run into close to 14 miles.  Along the way I ran into one of my high school cross-country runners and he kept us company through the hills.  I have been working with this runner for 3+ years and it is great to guys and gals like him growing into outstanding young men and women.  I say it every year at the awards banquet, that the young people on our team gives me hope for the future. 

Anyway, the run went well and Junior and I finished in just a tad over two hours on a course with about 2,500 foot elevation gain, and a 25lb baby and a 20lb stroller.  I let him walk the last 1/2 mile to the car as a cool down.

No records were set but We'll count it as a win for the season.

We continued our quality time with lunch at Ruckus Pizza, a shopping trip to Target, and then a terrific post-long-run nap. :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cary classic duathlon 2013

Bri and I both raced in the short course Cary duathlon over the weekend.  It was 2.5 mile run - 17.5 mile bike - 2.5 mile run. 
 Here you can see we were very nervous.
I have been doing no run speedwork and limited amounts of tempo on both the bike and run, so was just looking to have a decent race and enjoy the sunny day.  Bri has been regular with harder run workouts so I knew she'd have my number on the runs.  I thought she would get enough space to hold me off overall.

It was chilly, about 40-45 degrees, but sunny, so not bad overall.  300 people showed up for both events including a number of OSB athletes.  First multisport race of the season is always good to work out the kinks.  I forgot what a transition is.

I ran conservatively on run 1, still paranoid about re-injuring my foot, but pace was right around 7 minute miles which is great for me.  Bri was closer to 6:20 pace there and had a big lead going into the bike.  Here I am slavering about catching her.

Notice the determination in my fierce stare.

I felt pretty good on the bike and did some mashing (big gear pushing), knowing it would cause me some pain on the 2nd run.  But, that is what early season races are for.  I caught several guys and 3-4 women that made it out onto the bike ahead of me.  Caught Bri around halfway through. 

On the 2nd run I fought of calf cramps and then gave it the old college try.  A couple young guys whizzed by me but otherwise I held my place.  Finished in 10th overall and 3rd Masters (40-44).  Bri made up 1+ minute on run #2 but it was not enough to take home the Gaal SmackTalk AeroHelmet of Awesomeness. 

Color coordination- all part of my strategy to confuse the competition

2nd overall female, not too shabby.

After the race I jetted home to relieve our babysitter who is willing to arrive early (thanks Rita!) as she had her own life to attend to, and then brought Junior Awesome back to the race site so he could play in the bouncy house.  He loved it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter triathlon training camp 2013

In St. Pete Beach, Florida.  Good times.  This was our 9th winter/spring camp, we started in 2004 and missed 2006 due to world travels.

The goal is solid training and a good time in the sun. Mission accomplished.

We drove down and spent an evening with sis and bro-in law and Mom-in-law in Jacksonville, then dropped off Junior at my sister's for good times with his cousins and Gramma.  We'd like to bring him to camp but a 1 year old is a full time job and would be tough to pull off for a training camp.

day 0.1: arrive on Tuesday, beach run with Bri and Frank.  45 minutes easy, nice weather.  Dinner/social hour then bed time.

Day 1: Long ride: beach-Pinellas trail-downtown-beach.  58 or so miles, time is not fast but some lights, breaks, etc.

Bumped into 2nd time Mom and our old friend Christina

Afternoon swim at Northshore pool.

Dinner with father-in-law and his wife, check out dessert:

Day 2: St Pete Masters with Mary

long run at Al Lopez Park

open water swim on St Pete Beach

short run after that

Day 3: St Pete Masters with Mary

long ride on Suncoast Trail

Swim at Northshore pool

Day 4: Suncoast classic 10k

Swim at Northshore pool

Awfully windy ride into Fort Desoto with Kari, stuck at the bridge

Dinner at Gators on Treasure Island

late night solo venture to the Undertow Beach Bar

Day 5: Cold ride into Fort Desoto with Tracy
quick stop into Cigar City Brewery in Tampa

pack up
visit w Looneys

visit w Lowerys
Chic-Fil-A playtime and Cracker Barrel time out
Good times!

My training camp totals for the week (including the easy Tuesday evening run)
swim: 20,000 yards
bike: 155 miles
run: ~22 miles
Total time: ~19 hours