Tuesday, March 26, 2013

boys weekend

Last weekend Bri caught the lunchtime train to Charlotte on Saturday for an evening with her girlfriends.  That meant Junior and I had the house to ourselves!  He is 15+ months now and can be a lot of fun.  There is still work involved as all you parents know, but apparently this age is great.  I will report on the terrible twos when we get there.

Bri asked me to send her lots of pictures, so here they are for you to also enjoy.

We started our adventure with a 40 minute run.  Not pictured but use your imagination.

Then we took a 2 hour nap.  Also, not pictured.

Then we wondered where our Momma went.  This picture is not actually from the weekend but just a couple days prior.  I am using creative license here people.

We are always guarded by the Loyal Tassie

After that we had a snack (not pictured).  Then we played with pots and pans.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

Then we tackled Daddy for the phone. 

 literally, a "snot nosed kid"

Then we went to the playground to burn off some more energy.

I used a tunnel like this to get out of Folsom State

 After that, it was dinner time at Ruckus Pizza!  Ruckus sells giant slices for $3.00 and they have a selection of fine quality ales.  It is a good deal.

 Picasso schmicasso

Then it was home for a bath.
 Nothing gets by Tassie

Oh no, a Code Brown!
 Re: chunks of poo. They did not tell me this in Parenting 101

After the Decontamination Squad helicoptered out, we successfully completed Mission: Bathtime.
I edited out his winkie

Then it was time for a story and go beddy by.

Did I every tell you the one about sophomore year at FSU?

About 12 hours later, we started again!  Nothing like some morning grub!

Not actual grubs

Then, we changed into our Superhero outfits and played some more.

 Does whatever a spider-baby can

 Walk softly and carry a big-ass stick yo

Our newest game: boat pillow jump

After this we had lunch and took another nap (not pictured).
Then we heard the 3:00 train sounding the horn! The tracks are not too far from our house so we really could hear the train that Bri came home on.

Then Mommy was home. I forgot to take a picture here but there was much joy, hand clapping, foot stomping, elated high pitched sounds, and smiling.  Junior was also happy to see her.

Also, on Saturday morning we did a super sprint triathlon. Bri beat me by two seconds.

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Donna/Mom said...

This was funny and I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for writing it!