Monday, April 8, 2013

3 generations

My Dad was in town for a visit over the weekend and got to spend some quality time with his Grandson.  We started out the weekend with a nice dinner at Tribeca Tavern.

On Saturday, Dad and I went to a Masters swim meet at Triangle Aquatic Center.  He and my Mom did the whole swim team parent thing when I was growing up.  The last pool swim meet he saw me swim in was in 1990 or so during college. Memory lane.

Fortunately as an adult you can just do a couple events and then go home, and the coach won't give you a hard time about swimming every event possible.   No finals. No 3 day meets.  No mas.

I started out with the 100 yard butterfly.  I don't practice starts, turns, or really much in the way of sprint swimming these days, but went for broke anyway.  The last 15 yards were not very graceful but I hit the wall in 58.93, which earns me the dubious title of 100 yard fly Master state champion in the 40-44 age group. :)

After a lot of cooling down and then rewarming up, it was time for the 50 yard free.  Not my strongest event, but it is fun because it is so short.  25.20, 2nd place in the age group.

I don't have much in the way of recent times to compare these times to - last year I did 59 something in the fly after swimming a couple events prior, and I almost never swim 50 free.  My best were ~54.0 and 23.0 ish in 1989/1990. :P

So really, I am really happy with these times since I swim literally 10x less than I did then!

I was signed up for 2 more events, but decided to get home to help Bri prepare for our Masters swim team party.  We would be awarding out the prestigious Pullup Challenge awards as well.

None of the award winners showed up, so next year we will be handing out very inexpensive certificates of awesomeness instead.

On Sunday, Junior, Senior and I went shopping and had a nice breakfast and then a nap while Bri earned her stripes down at the White Lake Sprint. The water was hysterically cold but she decided to tough it out.

Bri took 2nd overall by just 10 seconds to OSB athlete Mary R, who had her first overall win of her triathlon career.  You can read Bri's 2013 White Lake Race Report here.

Mary for the win

Bri close behind

 They actually hate each other

Sporting the latest in OSB athletic wear
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Junior Awesome and I couldn't wait for Mom to get home.

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Steve said...

Congrats on your Masters win and stuff. Glad you could spend time with Senior. I still remember a bit of his story, and think that would be a very interesting story.