Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy New Year!

So many new and exciting ideas to share with you since we last spoke!  For real! I'm just kidding! It's just more of the same!

We have been doing lots of fun things with Junior.  He turned six. We had a fun party at a local park.

The three amigos reunited

We went to Orlando and got to visit with my sister and her family, and Bri's Mom, two sisters and their kids.  That was good fun.  Disney World and the Seaworld Water Park were involved.

 Check out the muscle car

Good fun at Aquatica (Seaworld)

 Fireworks artsy angle

 Thunder Mountain!

He can read a little bit en Espanol. Better than his English.  He is doing well in kindergarten. It is a Spanish immersion program.  I visit him for lunch every few weeks.  He likes to add an extra -ed to the end of past tense verbs.  For example, "I closed-ed the door."  He is a good kid and we have a lot of fun together.

We had Christmas. It was very Christmas-sy. We had family in town.  We celebrated gift giving and egg nog ing.

 The family Christmas meta-photo

Christmas weaponry

Our elf is into rappeling and other feats of strength

The Me paragraph
I am pseudo-training for the Umstead Marathon.  The plan is to work up to a couple 18-20 milers in the 2 weeks before. I have a loose goal of matching or beating my 3:54 or whatever I ran from a couple of years ago.  I have not been riding much.  That is fine. I have been swimming more. That is fine. I will ride more when Bri is riding less. I signed up for Ironman North Carolina 70.3 at the end of the season. I, I I. Me, me, me. I have read a few Star Wars books in recent months and really enjoyed the new movie. I don't care if they had unexplained new powers. Waaah.

We have done several hikes, some solo and some with buddies. Having Umstead State park and Crabtree county park just down the street is fantastic.

 How the master hikes

 Loblolly stream crossing

On the eve of Junior's bday, we visited the Mellow Mushroom, where the little rascal began his journey into the world.  Re: Labor began here.

 Six years later!

We got together with some good buddies for a New Year Kid Friendly celebration.


 Da boys and da dabs

Da ladies

We recently hit up a birthday party.  Junior figured out how to roller skate. He only wiped out about 15 x.

Word up

We also just have some random good fun.

 At the Jordan Lake Brewing Co for a random evening out

Getting in some sledding
Bri is training hard core for Ironman Texas at the end of April. She has a good group of buddies in for the distance. They're doing well.

Here is a random battle scene.

 Massive casualties on both sides

The OSB clinic schedule for 2018 is:

February 24 - 3 hour running form clinic
March 17 - 4 hour beginner/intermediate swim clinic
April 14 - 3 hour open water swim clinic
May 19 - 3 hour open water swim clinic
July 07 - 3 hour open water swim clinic @ Harris Lake
August 11 - 3 hour open water swim clinic
September 22 - 3 hour open water swim clinic
October 20 - 6 hour Powerstroke freestyle swimming technique clinic

You can read all the details and sign up on the OSB camps and clinics page here.

See you again in a few weeks!