Thursday, June 17, 2021

Hey, you.

 Old blogs never die!

How are you doing? Good, me as well. Yes yes it's been quite a year. Oh wow yeah I heard. That's too bad. That's great! You don't say. Well good for them!

Things are picking back up in our neck of the woods. It was a pretty quiet 1.33 years but who's counting. Where to start?

Junior Awesome started 3rd grade. I mean, he finished 3rd grade. 

We had a lot of fun with our Y Guides group at spring outing, which is a weekend camp type atmosphere with dads and kids. 

Bri and I have kept the fitness going with daily workouts. She has been more diligent about bike intervals, while I've been more diligent about swimming (since it doesn't hurt as much). We'll have our head to head 2021 battle at the 3 Little Pigs Triathlon in Smithfield this Saturday. The smart money is on Bri to run 2-ish minutes faster for the win. Big Daddy's speed and heat tolerance have not improved over the years. 

Coaching was pretty tough in 2020. Lots of people dropped off the radar, it was difficult to impossible to run clinics, and we had to cancel our swimming races at the local lake. This year is going better, with the trend line moving in the right direction.

We managed to do lots of fun stuff and we have some fun stuff planned for the summer.  So let's see what we did do in late 2020-early 2021.

Going backwards in time cuz I can't be bothered to go forward, we 

climbed trees in May

Had an anniversary

Y Guides trip:

Ran a kids triathlon training program

Took a spring break trip to see family and visit Savannah, GA

Went skiing

Took a dry January fitness assessment

Loved on the doggy

went hiking

Had battles

And hiking again

Went fall dipping with Y guides

That's 8 months of living in a 3 minute blog post. We're definitely living in a simulation. 0001 001010110101 end of line.

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