Sunday, May 8, 2011

White Lake Half (duathlon) report

 Marty warming up for the bike

Morning Fog.  No swim.  Bah.

Bike.  Went OK.  Faded towards end. Had trouble finding a rhythm with the concrete joint bumps in the last 10 miles.  2:23.  Should ride more/harder/both.

 Marty searching for his Zen after the ride (my balls actually hurt)

Run.  Tight back.  Decent first half focusing on leg turnover, survived 2nd half, 1:37.55.

 Marty surviving the 2nd half

Right on about what I predicted time wise 4:04.28 (+ 25/26 minute swim) = 4:30ish so that is great.  My season plan is to go 5 minutes faster at B2B in October so that makes about 4:25 (all things being equal). 

Performance wise I'm happy with the race.

Felt 10% under-trained or they should make these halfs 10% shorter. How about just 1-50-10 and we call it the 61 Point Zero Series For Old People or some other nonsense.

Sore and tired today.

Next up: Battle at Buckhorn Sprint!

The end.

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