Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ch ch ch ch changes

Well if you have not been tuning in to my wife's briblog, you may have missed the news.  The Gaal family will be expanding by one in the next few months.  He is heir to the throne in our little hereditary monarchy.   King of the castle!  We are looking forward to the next chapter in the adventure we call life.  Time flies, life is a miracle, don't waste a second, and so on.

And that's all I have to say about that.  I may occasionally post some news about this most interesting development, but don't look to me to be a baby daddy blog.  In general, I am about as sentimental as a suitcase.

In other news:

Been very busy.  We have started a couple XC practices for the high school team each week and summer triathlon season is in full effect.  The next open water swim is right around the corner, coming up this Saturday.  As it turns out with all the various trips and what not I won't race again until mid-September.  This is fine since I've already done a bazillion triathlons and runs and swims.   Next year has been given to briblog to race as much as she wants, while we make googoo faces and clean poop.

Well, this doesn't count the 10th annual Margarita Mile in mid-August.  This is a mile race hosted by the Downtown YMCA Running Club in Orlando.  Bri and I ran with the group for several years and as it turns out were the inaugural winners of this prestigious event.  We made some great friends through the group and will be heading down in mid-August to cheer/socialize/race.  I don't think I have another sub-5 in me but it won't be for lack of trying.  Bri ran 5:17 and I ran 4:51 in 2001.  Those report are certainly buried somewhere on our old blogs if you have a ton of time to waste today.

 I have caught a few minutes of the Tour de France here and there but am not getting to sit and watch for a few hours straight, which is awesome.  It is like watching golf. 

I cannot wait to see Cowboys and Aliens.  I am just so geeked out about this movie.  If it sucks I will be escorted from the theater for screaming at the screen.  I mean, it has got cowboys, which are awesome, AND sci-fi stuff, which is awesome.  How could it be bad.  Seriously.

Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

is it already w/in the next few months? wow! any names picked out yet?