Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still here

Still kicking it, been busy.  Went up to Atlantic City NJ for the weekend with my Dad and brother-in-law for good times with the guys.  Went down and watched the South Jersey Lifeguard championship races in Margate.  These are always fun and the athletes are amazing.  This is the big race in the SJ lifeguard arena.  My patrol won the event with 2nd place in the doubles row and the singles row.  I will put up a few pictures in this post tomorrow.  Afterwards went to a semi-reunion and caught up with a bunch of old buddies.

 Getting ready to win some dough in AC

 World famous Steel Pier

 A beach in South Jersey
All the Jersey shore people are New Yorkers you know

 Start of the Doubles row (1.5 mile 2 man row in 400 pound lifeguard boat)

 Getting into the boat through waves is the toughest part

 Everyone wants to watch!

 Waiting for the 1/2 mile swim

On Saturday night I swam in the 40th Annual Yates Swim in Atlantic City.  This was a box format (500 or so yards out, 500 across, 500 back in) and the conditions were rough/choppy.  Great practice.  I finished 9th which is not bad for swimming about 5,000 yards a week these days.

Next weekend we are off to Orlando for a quick trip.   Margarita Mile on Saturday night.

That's all.

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