Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How is it going and Happy New Year

Hope you had a good holiday, whatever you celebrate.

You might be wondering how we are adjusting to life with the little guy.  We are doing well.  His sleep habits are all over the place, which means ours are as well.  Bri is doing most of the heavy lifting at the moment since we are breastfeeding and you need to give that a few weeks before offering the bottle or there is something called nipple confusion.  I have had that for many years but didn't realize there was a name for it.  So in another week or two my sleep habits, which have not been great for several years, will get slightly worse, at least in the short term, as I take over some of the midnight feedings.

Little Man is not a very happy guy from about 7PM until 2AM unless he is suckling at Momma's bosom.  This would be fine except that she needs some sleep, so from about 9PM to about 12 I babysit.  Which means I try to keep him from screaming bloody murder by bouncing, walking, driving, soothing, sushing, singing (very poorly and out of tune mind you, also I butcher all song lyrics or just insert my own), and other quiet-the-baby things.   In between when he nods off I can do a bit of reading or zone out to the television.  But there is a limit to how much TV I want to watch.  Anyway, many of you have already been there and some of you are one day to follow.  It is great but don't expect your baby to be the bestest baby ever gosh golly gurgle giggle.  They are all little poopy crying whiny monsters a lot of the time.

I am managing to keep up with a reasonable amount of fitness training (I hesitate to call it triathlon training right now) so should not be too much slower at the occasional race I make it to this season.  Local road races (within jogging distance) are my top pick.  Amazingly there are about eight that fit that bill.  Recently We did the Jingle Bell Run at Wake Med Soccer Park, and the following weekend the Jolly Elf Run at Bond Park.  What a great place to live.  We love it here.

2012 looks to be another busy year between coaching personal clients, swim clinics, and everything else.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Hope you have a great one and see you around sometime!

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Nick Gonzales said...

Marty, what a great title change from Husband to Father, although at times I question that. I drove in from Winston Salem and took your Powerstroke class a little over two years ago and at the time had a newborn boy and since then have moved to Cary and now have two boys. Both our boys were really good sleepers and we used the book "The Happiest Baby on The Block." Good luck and even through the madness take the time to enjoy your son (probably in the quiet moments). Oh yeah, hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn't get easier, the problems are just different, and man do they get smart!!!! - Nick Gonzales