Monday, November 5, 2012

One million miles a day and counting

I haven't written much the past few weeks because I have been really busy and tired which makes it difficult to write thoughtful updates.  Bri has been keeping you up to date with Junior Awesome, he has been chugging along:

October 19 - started taking unassisted steps
October 30 - jamming out steps like a champ
November 2 - started saying "Ma" and "Moma"
November 5 - recommended short selling the DOW30 (I think that is what he said)

The XC season is over and I am thankful.  It is great working with the team but puts some strain on the rest of my life.  It would not have been so bad if I could have run with the kids 2-3 x a week but my foot issue kept me from doing that. 

Instead I have been blowing up like a blimp, gaining about a pound a week.  Being tired all the time, working crazy hours, and being injured makes it really tough to stay on a good training program.  This is a sentence I read from several of my athletes every year. :)

Anywayz dawgz.  I can get back to it all now as the foot is almost healed and the easier time of year is here.  I plan to hammer it all winter.  Super secret training (except I will blog about it so it won't really be secret, but whatever dude).

Here are some random pictures:

 Great Value!

We hold these tooths to be self eleventen

 OMG who's this cute little disgruntled pee-pants

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