Monday, December 10, 2012

why I don't like the bike trainer

The bike trainer is stupid, for one thing.  I didn't start riding my bike as a kid so I could increase my lactate threshold heart rate and all that other stuff.  I started riding my bike because it was fun and we could do ghost riding and wheelies on it.  Can you ghost ride a trainer?  No way.  It sucks.

I don't hate the trainer.  I stopped working out on it before that happened.  So I can jump on in a pinch, if it's really cold out or I just don't feel like riding outside either, but if I don't feel like riding outside chances are slim I'm going to be all excited about riding the trainer either.  Total emergency really. Nothing over two hours and preferably 1 hour and under.  These are rare occasions. Whee, look at me riding in place, I rock and am so motivated. Imagery of breaking the tape, shouts of joy. rah rah.

I sweat like a pig.  Riding outside the cool breeze caresses my soon to be sculpted like Adonis body and carries the heat away.  While I listen to birds chirp and watch the sun slide across the sky.  Righteous.  Inside I'm all hot and sweaty and make a puddle on the carpet.  If I want to get all hot and sweaty I'll go to a hot yoga class.

There are some bike shops that have organized trainer rides during the winter near my house.  That is a good idea.  But that would require packing the trainer into my car, putting the bike on my car, driving somewhere, unpacking the trainer, unpacking the bike, and then talking to people.  I already don't like the trainer, why would I take it on a date?

It's all a matter of perspective and why you're doing things.  I am into riding my bike for fitness, fun, camaraderie, and then competition.  If competition is number one for you, you'll feel way differently about the trainer.  It is great for dialing in your workouts, especially if you have a computrainer or other high tech gadgetry.  But I personally still think they sort of blow.  Not total chunks, but at least some dribbles.

It is also loud and will make you go deaf since you have to turn up the TV volume to 70 to understand WTF they're saying.  Just saying.  I would read a book but can't balance well enough to do so.  Maybe a recumbent stationary machine would be better. 

And that's how We feel on most Mondays. 

Also, gasoline taxes suck.

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Steve said...

A quick story about me. I used to ride this stationary bike thingy for over an hour 5-6 times each week. Going as hard as I could sustain. Did it for like a year or two.

To this day I have no idea how I did it. I think I was motivated watching Lance Armstrong, and don't we all want to emulate our heroes.

Too bad I have no more heroes, so I just have to emulate myself. :)

I am pretty good at that though. :)