Tuesday, September 24, 2013

more Wrightsville Beach sprint triathlon details

If my teaser of an ending on my last blog post didn't hook you in, then you're just not a good reader.

We enjoy the Wrightsville Beach sprint aka the Wilmington YMCA sprint because it's at the beach and is short, all things considered.  The swim is 1500 meters but with an incoming current so more like a 1200-1300 swim.  The bike is under 12 miles and the run is usually a bit short of a 5k although this year is was a bit over a 5k.

The past 3 races we have rented a house with a few of our friends and athletes and had a great time hanging out, racing, then hanging out some more.  Over the years I've been 5th, 7th, 32nd or so (bad year of training) and DNF'ed last year with a busted up foot -I did the swim-bike but had to walk through transition to get to my bike, then was not able to run.

My Mom came up to hang out with Junior Awesome for the weekend and give us a couple days to ourselves, which is a real treat.

Here is the beach we stayed at:

It is very nice.

Bri and our friend Alysia signed up for the beach cruiser division.  Here they are practicing.

Later that evening I danced with myself in the pale moonlight.

The race: My training has been going pretty well as I'm getting into 'better' shape for the Beach 2 Battleship Half Iron on October 26.  Riding 2-3 x a week with a long 65+ miler in there.  I usually do1 harder swim then 2 easy shorter swims.   Running is up and down as far as intervals go but I've been consistent with a 10+ miler each week and in the 20-25 mile / week range.

In the days before the Saturday morning race I ran 11 miles on Thursday and rode 75 miles on Friday; this is just how the week worked out for me and historically makes little difference in how I feel on race day.

Race day:
Swim: 3rd out of the water and felt pretty good for how much I actually swim hard.

T1: pretty good but it is a long run and I'm not a sprinter.

Bike: Felt strong, wound up getting caught or passed by 5 other riders as the race progressed and it turned into a legal type 'group' ride. 24-25mph type pace.  Since it was raining we had to dismount at the bridge and run across and 2 more guys caught up to me here.

T2: Super duper fast.

Run: Hung with the fast guys for about 5 minutes then realized I could slow down or blow up. 20:06 which is a 2013 triathlon-season best PR.

Finished in 10th overall and 4th in the open masters category.  It is great to see my fellow older guys still kicking some butt on race day.

Here is how Junior Awesome felt on hearing my splits and results.


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