Monday, January 20, 2014

January 2014

It has been an exciting January, and by that I mean we have been doing January type things around these parts.  Taxes for one.  We celebrated Junior Awesome's Birthday and then Christmas and went to the beach for a couple nights.  We went out to dinner on New Years day. 

Junior Awesome eating his 2-YO birthday cupcake.

I went to wedding in Fl and saw some of my good college buds.

The handsome guy pose.

One and only shot of liquor.

Bri went to a babyshower for her sister who is expecting a little boy as well.

We also started round 2 of swim lessons with Junior Awesome.  The first lesson he was more interested in just auditing the class; by the 3rd he is jumping off the side with no assistance, blowing bubbles like a champ, and Powerstroking his way across the pool.

There has been running, and swimming, and biking going on in my world.  Some weeks are better than others - you can see the log here.  I am focusing on running but keeping up with some bike and swim miles.  This past weekend I ran the Little River 10 mile trail run with some of the gang and had fun. It is a rolling course with a few steeper up and down sections.  I was pretty cautious on the tougher sections as Bri required no injuries.

It has been chilly round these parts but we're riding outdoors if it's over 30 degrees.  You just have to bundle up.

We are looking forward to our winter training camp coming up in March. Junior is helping me prepare by requiring me to chase him around the house.  It is the best workout ever.

Check my speed out yo!

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Duran said...

I was at Little River this weekend as well. Too bad I didn't see you. Cold race, but great course.