Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ten year anniversary trip to Bermuda

Bri and I have been talking about visiting the island of Bermuda since we moved to North Carolina, and we finally made it happen on our ten year anniversary.  We got away for four nights while my Mom came up to watch Junior Awesome. 

We had a great and relaxing time.  Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, self-governed but still sharing the British Monarch as titular head of state.  It is entirely a first world country and not part of the Caribbean islands though most people refer to it as such.  It is basically 600 miles east of South Carolina and the nearest land mass is the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Flying here costs as much as flying to Florida or New York.  Once you're down it is more expensive than NC but on par with costs with NYC and other big cities in the US and Europe. 

We spent a good bit of time hanging out with former OSB athlete and our friend Alex, A Bermudian, and his girlfriend Sheryl.  They basically gave us a tour of the island and a trip out to a shipwreck and some of the boiler reefs off-coast.  Lots of fun.

We managed to get a few good runs in and I got a couple short swims in at Horseshoe Bay. 

Enough words: here are pictures.

 View from the lighthouse

 Bri on the beach road

 Some pretty beach, it is

More pretty views

A shipwreck

 Our cottage

 Selfie on the lighthouse

 Selfie skills

Dinner on Front St in Hamilton
 The Dolphins at the Fort/Museum on St. Georges

 Bri has a cannon

 Another lighthouse view - our cottage is on the point in center mass

 Bri's breakfast view

 Spelunking with Alex

 Caving is hard work

 A cave lake

 Surrounded by chub (a fish)

Off to the boiler reef
 I was worried they would leave us after this one

 A beach bar we cruised up to

 Beach bar view

 Long run trail - runs most of the island

 Bri - action shot!

 We ran along the harbour road on the way back

 My real dream job

 Selfie, with rock


 Wave action

Accidental selfie before I put my make up on.

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Alex Jones said...

Thanks for coming! We had a great time.