Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Boone camp 2014

Hello, it's been a while, how have you been? 

I did the 3 little pigs triathlon in Smithfield again.  Bri and Jr Awesome came to watch.  It was fun.  It went well.  I ran me a good 5k time for current me.  5th overall finish.  Yay!

 Junior Awesome and his girl Lady NoFear

The welcome crew

Boone camp 2014 was another fun one.  They go so quickly.

 Team Gaal at Bass Lake

 Team OSB at Blowing Rock Brewpub

 We had a nice ice cream ride day

Junior Awesome is still Junior Awesoming it.  We have lots of fun. 

Beach time at Jordan Lake

I would write more but time is of the essence.  Big week this week with the Old School Aquathon on Saturday and our open water swim clinic at Harris Lake on Sunday.

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