Sunday, September 21, 2014

New digs

Hello, my children.  How are you?

We outgrew our previous home with the arrival of Junior Awesome.  I work from home and while my work is all about sports and fitness, it is still a job and I need some space to get things done.  With our new house I have my own office (with a keep out sign on the door) rather than a shared guest room office.  We also have some space for Junior to play instead of having toys scattered all over the living room.  And a place for our bikes.  And so on. 

 Lightning McQueen and Mater are right at home

 Junior took this pic.  He is still working on framing.

 I moved all this stuff.

Welcome home, caped crusaders.

I moved a bunch of boxes on day one, then we had two movers come help on day two with the heavy lifting.  I also did some lifting.  Packing and moving was exhausting but we got it done.  Bri's Mom came into town and we toughed it out and went to see a Beatles cover band on Saturday night.

 The Revolvers and Bri at The Cary Theatre.

Lots more has been going on but there is only so much time in the day.  We are still unpacking boxes and all that.  Training for both of us took a major nose dive for several weeks but we're getting back on track.  Bri plans to race the Wrightsville Beach half-marathon and I will be giving the Umstead Trail Marathon a go, both in March.


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