Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weddings, springtime, fun

If you're a science fiction fan, check out a series called Koban by Stephen Bennett.  Mr. Bennett is self publishing these, but his writing and story telling are better than 90% of traditionally published authors I have read.  It is a really good story.  He's working on the 5th in the series now.

Onto other things - like me!  Yes, your favorite passive aggressive seldom to be seen blogger is back!  Oh, joy.

The Umstead trail marathon on March 7 was cancelled due to all the snow and slush around here.   I was bummed and sad but then I found the Northern Trails Marathon in Greensboro on March 15.  Then I was worried my wife would say "No Marty, no can go, bad Marty, time out!" but instead she said "Go have fun, just don't suck," and I was happy again.

So I'll be running a trail marathon this Sunday instead of last Saturday.  I have no competitive goals and feel a little past my expiration date on marathon training.  I'm looking forward to riding my bike a little more regularly.

We had a number of bad cold days around here and it was fun for about two of them.  I couldn't live in Boston et al for more than a year or two.  I am sure of that.

We went to Rita and Kyle's wedding last weekend.  It was fun and they did a good job of not passing out during the vows and everything.  Junior Awesome was a ring bearer and did a great job.  Of course, duh. 

There are many fun things coming up this summer, so many that I can't remember any of them right now.

Our open water swim clinic schedule is:
April 18
June 6
July 12
August 22

Be there or be square man.

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