Friday, April 24, 2015

what's new

We have been going non-stop here at One Step Beyond HQ.  Many things have happened.

We ran a beach camp with our athletes/buddies in Ocean Isle Beach.

We started our open water practices and open water swim clinics at Jordan lake.

We had a team cookout.

We ran our triple brick training workout.

We found some dandelions and helped promulgate the species.

We did an international dance.

We have kept at it with swimming and biking and running and cleaning the house and mowing the grass and pruning the shrubbery.

We have watched some TV and read a few articles in our periodicals.

We're both racing in the TOA sprint triathlon tomorrow morning at Beaverdam Recreation Area on Falls Lake.  Expectations are to have fun and get a little sweaty.

Until next time!

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