Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tassie has gone.

Our family dog Tassie, Bri and my original baby, left us last week.  She had been dealing with congestive heart failure for a few months and things got progressively worse.  We were able to do a lot of medical management, but in the end her heart gave out and we had to euthanize her.
 A really difficult part of this for me is that she suffered a 'straw that broke the camel's back' event while Bri and I were maneuvering her in order to get an ECG reading at home.  Anything could have done it, but I hate that it was the two people she loved most in the world.  I hope she forgives us, and I'm so sorry I didn't share one final beer with her.

Our vet was good enough to come to our house to let her die at home.

My sister put together a nice video memorial.  I watched it last night and wound up crying like a baby.  You can see it here.

Save some kisses for me Tassie, where ever you are. We love you.

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Steve said...

Sorry, I know those things are tough.