Thursday, June 2, 2016

fun things Junior Awesome says (said) - Jan - May 2016

That's disgyusting

I yub you mommy

For real life, we did!

No daddy Peep, Quack and Chirp!

Let's grow a light saber / live saver farm

You and me are funny guys daddy

Yook, mommy pretty fwowers!

Then the bad emperor got dead and the dark forest left the galaxy

Can you tell me a Star Wars story daddy? A clone trooper one!

I don't need to make a pee pee. I need to make pee pee! I don't have to wash my hands cauz I didn't get pee pee on my hands.

Don't step on the yines, watch out for the fire yaba (lava)!

I sink I'm going to be first, Mommy.

I want you for to go with me.

Did he beap you?

Mommy, you're pretty awesome, but I'm even gooder.

If ( ) and ( ) were in a fight, who would win?  Why?

In a converstaion with babysitter:
sitter: What superhero is this?
L: That's Wolverine. His real name is Logan.
sitter: Oh, are you Wolverine?
L: -pausing- Yeah. Yeah, I'm really Wolverine!
sitter: Oh my gosh!
L: I'm just joking. I'm just a little boy.

from Bri: Logan wanted me to tell him it was my lucky day (for seeing his poop) but I misunderstood and said,
It’s my yucky day!
No, mommy, you’re yucky day!
That’s what I said,
No, yucky day!

Oh!!! My lucky day!

Trying to write a few down before time moves on and we're onto newer and funn-ier things.

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Unknown said...

I love them. Glad you're writing them down!