Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fall 2016 is racing past

It's been a couple months since the Ironman, but it seems like just yesterday. By that, I mean time is racing by. A lot of life is go - go - go. Last week I recalled thinking, next week will be here before you know it. And voila!  Here I am. Time is precious. So I'm making the most of it.

I've settled into a very comfortable exercise routine that will keep me fit & healthy but not create much time stress. I am setting my performance goals in triathlon next year to the lower end. For me, the time required on the bike to be good / very good even in sprint distance events is a lot. I can only do so much high intensity before burning out so the flip side of that equation is volume.  Right now I'm riding 40-50 miles a week with some or all on bridle trails. In the spring I'll probably do 60-80 a week with an occasional 100+ to boost the system a little. I was in the 150-200 mile range most of the spring and summer. You have to be on task mentally to put that sort of time in. I am no longer there. :)

I'm enjoying focusing a bit more on strength and run training right now.  Swimming 2x with an occasional 3rd. All told, putting in 8-9 hours a week, which is as much as I want to do for the foreseeable future.

After some time from Ironman Chattanooga, I'm happy I got it done but mildly irritated the weather took such a dump. I had a lot of fitness going into the event but wasn't able to show my better side to the faceless masses of people who analyze splits post-mortem. And that's how it goes. Won't do another one for a few years if ever. I like my bike but not as much as I used to.

Onto fun things. We have been doing lots of family fun stuff. I am making a concerted effort to spend a bit more time with Junior Awesome during the week. This is my slower work period and it's his last year in daycare. I can take him wherever for half a day without a school penalty.

More Junior Awesome racing

Camping and night hiking / day hiking with our buds

Tweetsie Railroad with Gigi (it was cold)

(Bass Lake run/bike afterwards)

Pumpkin patch with SFF!

Another pumpkin patch and corn maze visit


NC State vs FSU Football

Durham Life and Science Museum (my birthday morning)

My birthday party at Bond Brothers Brewery (night)

NC State Miami Football tailgating

There are a few other birthday parties and random acts of funness in here but you get the drift. We're having a good time!  I need to update the blog more than once every two months.

Spelling our first word with no help

In other news, my lovely wife landed a job at SAS Institute. SAS has consistently been ranked as one of the top private companies in the US to work for.  They have an objective of giving their employees a good work-life balance.  She has had an overall great experience working for RTI International but it's almost impossible to say no to a spot at SAS.  I'm really happy for her.

Bye for now.

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