Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going to Asheville

Bri and I are off to scenic and hippie-friendly Asheville this evening to enjoy three nights and days of hiking, lounging, exploring, and relaxing in this beautiful part of the country. When we were debating our relocation from Central Florida, Asheville made the top ten list of new homes, but ultimately the smaller population/job pool/economy made us choose a larger metropolitan area.

Asheville seems like my kind of town. While I'm no longer a smelly bum (I was once), I enjoy the ambiance of the town, with it's combination of a lively downtown shopping district, whack-job Dead Head drum circles, vast hiking and biking options, microbreweries & hangout pubs, and upscale restaurants when you need to escape the smelly bums.

We are staying in a pet-friendly cabin outside of town, so Tassie gets to enjoy the weekend with us.

Time flies when you're having fun - Bri and I have been hitched for five years now, and a "couple" for nearly nine!

Shoot - I should go get her a present before we leave, huh?

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Anonymous said...

it's already been 5 years? sniff. btw, great pic of you two.