Sunday, May 10, 2009

White Lake sprint #2

I drove down to White Lake this AM to race in sprint #2. I'm glad I did as it was a nice day and I felt good throughout. On the swim I stayed on David Sokolofsky's feet for about 100 yards before the pace was too quick, while another new guy to the area did the same. Then me and the new guy swam together or with him drafting me to the finish - 2nd on the 1/2 mile swim about 40 seconds behind David (an olympic trials qualifier in his day).

On the bike - solid, held a good pace, not quite Superman level but not bad at all. Came off the bike in 3rd (same two guys ahead of me.) 14 miles @ about 24-25mph.

On the 5k run- did not get my split but probably 6:30 pace and had enough room to hold my place to finish 3rd. Not sure if any age groupers beat me. All in all really glad to feel some fitness and speed coming back into my world.

Up next: Asheville 5 year anniversary weekend (with our awesome sidekick Tassie), and a 4 mile race in Fletcher.

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Angela said...

Glad to hear the race went well. Have fun in Asheville.