Tuesday, June 30, 2009

weekly update

One of the changes we go through as we get older is that it takes longer to recover from hard athletic efforts. It is Thursday and I'm still not 100% from the Philly tri. It also takes longer if you're not in killer shape...so perhaps that has been the extra day. Anyway, enjoyed some easy-steady riding yesterday with a gaggle of local girls, and had a nice run tonight with my baby Bri.

Yesterday I did a tri training tutorial interview with Todd Spain / Delta Triathlon at a local video production company. Todd is working on a series of educational triathlon clips that will be hosted on the website at www.deltatriathlon.com. It was a good time and like I told Todd, I did my best not to curse or make misogynistic comments. Here are a couple action pics.

Look how serious I can be:

Or a little less serious:

I think I stepped in poop!:

The EMT class is going well, and I am looking forward to figuring out where I might start up with some volunteer EMS or fire crew work in the late fall. Most places require 30+ hours per month to be an active volunteer, so it's no walk in the park and you have to get all your certifications if you do the fireman thing. We will see where that takes me down the road.

We decided to stay local for the 4th of July weekend, had a couple of friendly offers to hang out with people out of town, but between the travel last week, work I need to catch up on (it has picked up a bit recently), and Shana and Scott's wedding next weekend (my sis in law and future bro in law), we go nowhere and we like it.

That is all for now.

Don't forget about the upcoming camps and clinics we are offering.

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