Friday, July 31, 2009

shore vacation

We have had a nice time here at the shore in New Jersey. It gets crowded at times but there is always something fun to do. I got in some fun surf sessions, two nice bike rides, 4 or 5 runs, and we visited several of my old haunts - The Anchorage, Tuckahoe Inn, Maynard's (Bri was impressed), Bikini Beach Bar, the Inlet (formerly the Waterfront), and the Green something in Margate.

We also got to see some of the Monmouth county beach area with our buds Jamie and Judy in Ocean Grove, which is a nice vacation spot as well.

We had planned to watch the Dutch Hoffmann Lifeguard races in Wildwood tonight, but they were cancelled because of a big storm rolling in from the south. Bri got to see a bit of the Wildwood boardwalk, which is always a sight.

Tomorrow we'll race in a local sprint triathlon in Brigantine, then hang out with some of my old buddies at the Trump Marina.

I would post pictures, but that takes time and I'm on vacation.

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Dan McGowan said...

Bringing back the memories of Jersey for me. I grew up in Point Pleasant Beach which was a lot of fun looking back on it now. Hope you didn't get stuck in any shore gridlock. That can bring the fun level way down on any vacation.

Hope you guys had a nice boardwalk run, I miss those the most. Don't lose your ass in AC!