Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to the grind

Back to work this week, finishing up a few swim video analyses and it is time to make the final push on our Powerstroke video. I have been pushing this off in favor of work that earns me a few bucks today rather than down the road. We also want to make the final product at least good quality, so rushing it would be bad for everyone.

Training last week while on vacation went well, but my beer and food intake were greater, thus yielding a net credit to my calorie storage department.

I think Bri enjoyed the week 'on the shore'. Ocean City has grown a lot since I worked there - the year round population has tripled from 5,000 to 15,000 and the summer population is up from 100,000 or so to 150,000 (it is a seven mile long island).

Only 2 more triathlons this season - Lake Norman August 22, and Wilmington YMCA September 19, then I am going to focus on improving my run speed back to sub-18 5k shape over the winter. I will need to run 40+ miles a week to make this happen, as running does not come naturally to me.

We are staying local the next couple of weekends, which is always nice. We are also hosting a Powerstroke swim clinic on August 15 if anyone would like some group swim instruction.

After the swim DVD is complete I am going to take on some substitute teaching (if Wake County is accepting any - our county is on a hiring freeze with budget issues), and apply as a volunteer fireman for the town of Morrisville.

Our next beach trip is not too far away - a weekend in Miami/Hollywood to see my dad and sis for his 75th bday. We rented a condo on Hollywood Beach.

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