Wednesday, August 26, 2009

National EMT-Basic

This morning I took the national registry EMT-Basic exam, which basically makes you eligible for state licensing (with a few hoops) in most states. It was one of those interactive computer tests which adjusts the level of difficulty of the questions based on your previous answers. You can't go back and change an answer - so you can't use clues from future questions to winnow down the answers on previous questions. I wanted to stab the computer screen a few times with my keys, but they took my keys before I sat down.

The last question was regarding a nucal cord birth, but in my haze I answered as if it was a prolapsed cord. The screen went blank and it told me I was done. I came home and looked up 'nucal,' and to my disappointment saw it meant "wrapped around the neck." Damn! Fie! Rat farts! Of course I knew the right answer, my memory for new vocabulary has shrunken (gotten more shrinky?) in the past few years, since when you get older your brain shrinks.

I was convinced I failed, since the test had kicked me off on a blatantly incorrect answer. Bah! Poop! Fink!

Anyway, I checked the results a while ago and saw I passed. Won't know the exact score until they snail mail it to me.

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Angela said...

glad you passed. I will feel much safer racing with you around!