Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar review - Spoiler alert

We went to see the movie Avatar last night, in 3D, no less. Read no more if you have not seen the movie and don't want the plot or storyline blown for you.


OK, so the movie is about an enlisted injured US Marine, Jake, who is drafted to go to a distant planet and mingle with the native alien people via an Avatar - a living breathing alien body engineered for his (brother's) specific use. Jake's twin brother was originally going to go but he got mugged and killed 1 week prior, so Jake is sent because they share the same genetic code. The alien people are about 12 feet tall, blue skinned, and have a distinctive American Indian, one with nature culture.

In short, the planet is being mined by Humans for some highly valued metal, and the biggest deposit of this metal sits directly under the local native alien village.

Or unwitting hero stumbles into the village after getting himself lost & meeting a fine Indian maiden. The village elders decide to accept him and teach him their ways. PS: Jake knows that in 3 months the humans are going to take by force the village if he can't convince the elders to leave. This is part of his mission!

Commence action scenes, beautiful scenery, bold and fun clean adventure. 3 months go by. JAKE NEVER MENTIONS THAT THE VILLAGE WILL BE RAZED. WTF? The villagers eventually accept him as one of "The People" and he sleeps with his fine maiden, aka the daughter of the chief.

Next day: Invasion! Jake says, "Oh yeah, I meant to tell you that the humans are going to invade and you should leave." Fair maiden feels betrayed. Villagers choose to fight bad American people. Village is razed, many innocents are killed. Chief dies. Bad juju.

Jake & team escape, he takes over a big red bird reminiscent of a Phoenix, and convinces the people to follow him and unite under one banner. The planet is actually a network living thing and eventually realizes it must fight the humans. Good people of the planet triumph after significant losses. Jake becomes one of The People forever.

That is a short summary. Now I will give you my cynical view.

Jake is in a wheelchair in his human body. He is essentially a nobody, a grunt, having lived in 'the shadow' of his brilliant brother. In his alien body he is strong, uninjured. He eventually realizes his alien life is better than his human life. He diabolically plots a method to a) win the beautiful chieftain daughter, b) eliminate all his rivals both human and alien, c) take over the entire alien world.

JAKE WINS! He is actually so evil, so clever, so ruthless and cunning that no one realizes he is the baddest of the bad. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

You get the point.

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Steve said...

Ha ha!! I missed your picture when I read this last night. Well, I read some of it. I didn't read the whole movie story. Is the movie based on a true story??? ;-)

I am not sure what I think of Bernanke yet. I think he thinks he is pretty clever. I found out he has around $700,000 worth of mortgage outstanding. Re-financed, and perhaps below market level. He had an ARM loan.

We'll see what happens.

Oh hey, swimming is going better too. It will take some work, but I never minded working toward something.

Boz said...

Benny actually stated he refinanced because his ARM "exploded". He wanted to sound like us little people. Unfortunately, some industrious bloggers did a little research on his ARM and turns out his reset would have actually been at a lower rate. So, the guys who runs the Fed refi's into a fixed rate higher than his current ARM rate. Gotta figure he expects higher rates down the road. But, then this is the same guy who repeatedly stated there was no housing bubble...

Cody said...

Nothing more to say when it comes to our friend Ben at the Fed. I had to see what the hype was all about with this movie. Well worth the money and it is a must see at the theater with the full dressed up 3D Garb. My take away was... the creators of this movie did a lot of Scuba diving or maybe just wanted to, because all those spider looking things floating around sure looked like jelly fish to me. How could one miss the luminescence everywhere including under their feet as they ran along the tree branches.