Friday, January 8, 2010

chilling in FL

We are here in freezing cold Central Florida, enjoying some freezing cold Central Florida weather, a nice respite from the freezing cold North Carolina weather. Bri and our friends are looking forward to racing in the Disney half-marathon tomorrow morning - the weather man is calling for a low of 29, a high of 40, and 45% chance of showers. As far as running weather goes, that is about as lousy as it gets. If it was colder it would be snow, which would be much better, since it doesn't soak you to the bones. But instead we're expecting sleet and cold rain. I will be warm and toasty, waiting in the car for these intrepid souls to conquer their demons and emerge victorious from the finishing chute, proudly clutching a Donald Duck medal in their cold, trembling hands. I was just possessed by the spirit of Hemingway for a moment.


Chris Jones said...

No way Hemingway writes that many gerund phrases.

Boz said...

Have fun. I'm going surfing tomorrow. ;)

martygaal said...

If a gerund got excited would it yell "gerundimo!"? :)