Friday, January 15, 2010

Krispy Kreme Challenge & Spring races

My next A race is the Krispy Kreme Challenge held on NC State campus on February 6th. This is a serious event for elite competitors only. It consists of a 2 mile run - eat 12 doughnuts - 2 mile run. You have to beat an hour or they drag you off the course and feed you to wild boars brought in special from the Appalachians.

After that it will be the Gasparilla 15k on February 27 during our annual Winter triathlon training camp in Florida.

March will be a quieter month as far as racing goes. I was going to run in either the Tobacco Road half marathon or Wrightsville Beach half-marathon on March 21, but have opted instead to take a vacation with my father to Atlantic City.

I will probably make up the half-marathon plan on May 16 with the Inside-Out Sports Classic Half Marathon.

March 27 is the Smithfield Sprint in Virginia, which we are probably going to do.

I am linked out for today. Have a nice weekend!


Steve said...

Who can eat 12 doughnuts??? That is what I'd like to know.

martygaal said...

Yo Steve, this race gets over 5,000 runners and most of them eat the doughnuts. It is a scene.

Steve said...

Impressive. I don't even think I could stomach the interval training needed to finish such a race. ;)