Saturday, March 27, 2010

skipping races guilt-free

I opted not to run the Raleigh Rocks half-marathon this morning, primarily because the weather predicted a nice day today and rainy tomorrow (so riding will be nice today and lousy tomorrow), but also because I didn't give a hoot. My motivation and fitness are fine, I decided a long time ago that if I didn't want to do something regarding racing & training, I wouldn't. Instead of racing today, we'll ride close to three hours and then run 10 miles or so easy tomorrow. I feel no guilt, anxiety, etc. Nothing except the urge to tell you, gentle reader, if you feel like skipping an event, do it and don't feel bad about it.

In other news, the Triangle OW Mile Swim Series has picked up a couple of sponsors - Trysports signed on as the title sponsor, and Cabinet Connection of NC has signed on as the presenting sponsor for the Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake. The first race is coming soon - 5280 Swim at Falls Lake on April 10 - so check it out if you want some early season open water racing.


Steve said...

Dang, I think I'd skip the workout not the race.

You people who are good at this think differently than me though.

martygaal said...

After a few hundred races your perspective on racing changes.