Sunday, April 4, 2010

training this week

We had a good weekend of training and week in general. On Saturday, myself, Bri and three of our friends did a 3 x 13 mile bike / 2 mile run, with the last round being hardest. Today we did a 15k run followed by a 45 minute easy ride. For the week my trigeek training miles were:

run 32 miles (4 hours)
bike 115 miles (6.5 hours)
swim 8,100 yards (2.5 hours)
kung fu 1 hour

14 hours total

Tassie is watching you.


Jerry Cody said...

I remember doing that triple brick with you and Bri, seems easy on the first leg. The last leg you realize just how bad it hurts, especially with Bri walking away from you on the run like you are standing still.

Yikes, somebody slow that girl down!

Go get'em guys!

Steve said...

Big week!! at least it seems like it to me. :)

Jared Sprague said...

I found your blog doing searches for Martial Arts schools in the Raleigh area. I see you're a student at Kung Fu Center in Raleigh. How do you like it?


martygaal said...

Hi Jarod,

It is a good school, Master Chen is a great teacher. The classes are challenging - we do a warm up, a series of kicks & punches, and then work on forms. You should check a class out sometime.

BriGaal said...

Actually, I'm holding Tassie's paw while taking her picture and SHE is watching YOU!