Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Erie Canal day 4

Seneca Falls to Syracuse. 40 miles and there was a 50 meter pool at the finish site. Very refreshing.

Bri pointing at a map we found:

Me pointing at something:

Bri has fun:

New York's only working aquaduct:

After 4 days, things are getting ripe at camp. This is why we're staying in a hotel.

Our hotel tonight is in Armory Square, downtown Syracuse. What a pleasant surprise to discover that the Empire Brewing Company (microbrewery) is less than a block away.

Tomorrow we'll start with a short run then 50 miles into Rome.


Beth said...

This looks like such an awesome "vacation"! But yeah, I would need to stay in hotels along the way for it to be awesome. No camping for us. :) Hope the rest of the trip goes well!

Steve said...

Nothing like a refreshing beer(s) after a long day in the sun. :)