Thursday, July 15, 2010

Erie Canal day 5

Another 50 miles from Syracuse to Rome. A mix of trails and road. The canal in this area is not a transport canal, more of a cultural relic and small tourist attraction. Big carp all throughout.

Tomorrow we're going to roll out with the group then come back to our hotel, shower up, then drive down to NYC. No plans other than a run in Central Park. Lame, right?

From the brewery last night:

Rolling out of Syracuse:

Where they drydocked the canal boats for repairs:

Getting near our hotel, checking maps:

We have not run much at all this week, and don't care.


Steve said...

Ha ha!! You definitely look a lot happier with beer in front of you then you do when you are running. :)

Cody's Tri Blog said...

Looks like a GREAT trip!