Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture day

Today is picture day so we can send cute Christmas emails to all our family and friends and frenemies.  I will post them when they are ready.

Having a fun weekend - yesterday we had the Delta Triathlon team party with quite a turnout, and then a smaller get together to throw a going away party to a couple we are good friends with who are moving to Boulder, CO. 

Boulder is one of the triathlon/running training meccas in the US if you did not know that. 

They also have the Boulder Brewing Company and Avery Brewing which are good enough reasons to relocate, in my opinion.

Bri and I are quite happy here in the Raleigh / Cary area and we're not going anywhere.   We have good friends, excellent training grounds, good races, good restaurants, and four excellent local breweries.

Today I went through the somewhat time consuming process of finishing all my paperwork for USAT coaching re-certification.  Next week Bri and I are attending the USATF level I certification in Charlotte to complete our education units, plus that will be good for the x-country and track&field coaching I am doing with Raleigh Charter HS.

Marathon training is going well, this week I hit 40 miles for the first time in who knows how long.   Most of it was slow but I did get in 5 x 1000 at sub-10k pace on Tuesday.

Our next Powerstroke clinic is January 8 if you are interested.

The end.

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Steve said...

I tried to comment with my phone, but it didn't work. Great update. :)