Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron - a movie review without seeing the movie

Tron: Legacy will be awesome.  I don't care that my local paper just panned it as visually stunning yet having a $5 plot.  That's not true.  It will be the best movie released the weekend of December 17, 2010.  No doubt about it.

The USATF level I exam has 200 questions on it.  Arrgh!

Join our US Master swimming team.  We will have seven weekly practices starting in February, 2011.

Upcoming runs:

Little River 10 miler - January 15
Gasparilla half-marathon - February 28
Tobacco Road marathon - March 20

That is all.


Steve said...

Tron lol. You are such a geek. A cool one though. :)

Unknown said...

It was awesome... recommend seeing it at the IMAX (3D scenes are cool)... and I think there should be a Tron "high visibility" clothing line for runners / cyclists!