Tuesday, January 11, 2011

training plans

I spent the last couple of days working on prepared (pre-made) training plans.  I have put this off as it is really time consuming to make a good, generalized training plan that will fit people you don't know, be reasonably safe, build up the training well, and so on.

We are sponsoring the a number of Set Up Events races this season and are building these plans specifically for some of their sprint triathlons.

You can check them out here.

In other news, the lousy weather here is starting to bug me.  We have had snow and ice for more days in the last 40 then we've had in the previous 1200.

I swam 1,700 yesterday morning and 4,300 yesterday evening for no particular reason.

It is cold out.

That is all.


Steve said...

cold and ice sucks if you are not used to it. I have been around it all my life, so I get used to it pretty quick. I don't do good at 5000 feet of altitude though, and haven't been that high very often. Well altitude wise anyway. :) j/k.

Funny how you planned others workouts, and just swam 1000 miles for no reason. lol

GoBigGreen said...

That is all i have to say:)