Monday, January 17, 2011

weekend update Jan 15-16

This past Saturday I strapped on my big boy shoes and headed out for a long run.  I wore my Yaktrax and stomped through 17 miles of icy bridle trails and single track in Umstead State Park.  It was awesome.  I felt good and the Yax gripped the ice like a greasy Goldman Sachs bankster grips his wad of bills.  People swore jealously at me.

I was signed up for the Little River 10 mile trail run, but decided to be a super clean green machine and not even go. The race promotes carpooling and carbon offsets and other funky energy conservation things like that.  I frankly had a lot to do and didn't feel like driving up there to run icy trails with 500 other peoples.

Later that day I rode 30+ miles with one of my local athletes. 

On Sunday Bri dragged me out for a 2.725 hour ride.  My legs were sore but I struggled heroically through the endeavor.

On Monday morning I joined the TAF racing team for some intervals since it is a holiday.  I was psyched for this daylight morning workout all weekend.  I coached swim practice, then headed to our meeting place and discovered I forgot my running shoes. Fortunately one of the fellas loaned me his spikes so I didn't have to run barefoot like that crazy Mexican tribe

I had a good workout and then took an ibuprofen and a nap. 


Unknown said...

I like the tags! Good workout this AM.

Steve said...

Ha Ha!! You is pretty funny!! Congrats on the good workout. sss. workoutsss I guess I should say.